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      About Bangpu

      Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing

      Shanghai Bangpu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a large group enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacturing all kinds of fluid transmission equipment in China. Since its establishment, the group has implemented diversified operation, with pumps, valves, energy-saving motors and complete sets of water supply and drainage equipment as its basic business, and the production, sales, import and export business of sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment and related accessories as its extension.
      In 2008, Bangpu industrial group entered the track of rapid development, implemented the merger and expansion strategy, and acquired all technologies and some assets of Shanghai People's Motor Factory Co., Ltd. Bangpu has an efficient and professional technical team, especially in the field of water supply and drainage, and has accumulated rich R & D, manufacturing and process capabilities and experience. Its technical experts and technicians have exquisite theoretical basis and rich technical application experience and ability. The pump is designed with advanced CFD professional design system. Through 3D flow field and finite element analysis, the hydraulic loss is minimized, the product efficiency is greatly improved, and finally customers can use our high-quality and efficient products.
      The group has a sales service system with outlets all over the country and has established overseas institutions in many countries and regions. In China, our sales engineers and after-sales service personnel throughout the country, anytime, anywhere, with a warm attitude and professional spirit, provide you with perfect water supply and drainage solutions and high-quality and efficient products. At the same time, Bangpu provides lifelong service for the products you buy!

      Enterprise development history

      Being shortlisted in the list of qualified suppliers of Hefei water supply group, Bangpu group has realized the intellectualizing of products, improved the characteristics and quality of secondary water supply products, and continuously developed new products to meet the market demand.

      Participate in the pump station equipment installation project of national key project (Anhui section of South-to-North Water Transfer Project). In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, our company has dispatched a professional team in, and the equipment has been running well so far.

      A water pump technology transfer contract was signed with the Venezuelan government. Let Venezuela never have the production and manufacturing capacity of water pumps, but have technical drawings, processing technology and skills, casting technology and skills, assembly and testing technology and skills, complete and modern production equipment, supporting industrial parks, etc. the whole water pump industry chain has sprung up.

      Within two months, it successfully completed the manufacturing of large complete sets of drainage equipment required for urban drainage in Vientiane, Laos, and the civil installation and construction of on-site equipment. The equipment was able to operate smoothly, which was praised by the customer and the Deputy Prime Minister of Laos.

      Qinghai Salt Lake desalination project was won. The product manufacturing of the project is very difficult. With the active efforts of the company team, all products have been delivered to the site, and professionals have been sent to the site for maintenance. Looking at Bangpu products standing neatly and spectacularly at the salt lake site, everyone in Bangpu is very proud!

      After many discussions, changes and tests with relevant technical engineers of CMEC, relevant personnel of Bangpu group successfully completed the water transfer pump with special performance required by CMEC and won the trust of CMEC and subsequent orders.

      Launched strategic cooperation with Gezhouba Group and Greenland Group, and launched new products.


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        "Faith", "Righteousness", "Wisdom" and "Courage" are the foundation of Bangpu's establishment and the way of business development;
        An excellent enterprise must innovate, create markets, lead the trend, and take this as the foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.
        Creating perfect product quality is not only a manifestation of corporate capabilities, but also a manifestation of corporate integrity.
        Without indifference, there is no clear ambition, without tranquility, there is no far-reaching.
        In market competition, the real opponent is often yourself. As long as you have the courage and ability to overcome your own weaknesses and make up for your own shortcomings, you will be in an invincible position.
        Responsibility is the most basic principle of being a person and doing things.
        There is no best, only better!

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        "Creating high-quality products, pursuing perfection" is the general value concept of Bangpu, and the highest principle and core concept of all business activities of Bangpu.
        "Creating high-quality products" drives quality with technology and runs through production with quality. From quality to quality standard, Bangpu's innovative thinking and excellent management make Bangpu always insist on creating efficient, reliable and perfect products. Only by creating high-quality products can we win customers and the market, and can truly reflect the integrity and innovation of Bangpu people.
        "Pursuit of perfection" means not being satisfied with the status quo, being brave to forge ahead, innovating and surpassing oneself, but its real connotation is that Bangpu people pursue innovation in technology, strive for product excellence, and continuously improve customer service. At the same time, this concept also extends to Bangpu people's lofty pursuits and ideals for life. Only those who establish lofty goals and values in life can truly serve customers, serve the society, and enjoy this process.

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        Bangpu concept

        Focus on the research and application of the fluid industry, and provide global customers with excellent products and services. Create an international brand and build an industry leader.Advocate technical marketing and service marketing with professional level and dedication. Create quality products and pursue perfection. To be a leader in the fluid handling industry.

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        Bangpu's co-creation and sharing of honor not only emphasizes the main role of employees in the development of the enterprise, but also expounds the core concept of "shared together" of the enterprise - all Bangpu people are the stakeholders of the company, and each one prospers and one loses. All lost. This requires all Bangpu people to unite and unite for the common goal and pursuit! Share weal and woe, and join hands to create a better future!

      Market and Services

      Since its establishment in 2008, Bangpu has set up more than 20 marketing agencies across the country. After experiencing tough market competition, it gradually found its market position.
      Meanwhile, Bangpu has made great progress in oversea markets and is well recognized by foreign users.
      In particular, Bangpu always focuses on customized service so that customers can obtain the maximum degree of satisfaction.

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      For any inquiries from customers, we will provide professional and reasonable quotations at a fast speed.

      For any new product of the customer, we will communicate with the customer very professionally, listen to the customer's opinion and give useful suggestions to ensure that a good product is made.

      Contact us now!


      (1) The company has rich product lines and obvious brand advantages
      The company has rich product lines, many product varieties, complete specifications and excellent quality, which can meet different needs. Its main products include frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment, pipe network laminated water supply equipment, box laminated water supply equipment, remote monitoring system, water pump and various electrical control equipment. It is a large-scale enterprise producing complete sets of secondary water supply equipment with the most qualifications and varieties in the industry.
      The company has obvious brand advantages. Since its establishment, through continuous competition with other complete sets of secondary water supply equipment manufacturers and continuous self accumulation, the company has won high recognition from end users in terms of core technology, differentiated design customization, quality consistency assurance, continuous and stable supply, technical support and guarantee services, Established brand advantages and industry status.

      (2) Technical advantages
      The company has gathered a group of talents with rich experience, young and promising, United and upward, covering R & D, management, production, quality and sales. Based on strong R & D capability, precision and high-end processing equipment and excellent quality control capability, the company has formed a unique self-supporting ability of key components in the industry. The self matching ability of this key component ensures the quality of the company's products and services, and effectively reduces the production cost.
      Bangpu group constantly explores the technical development direction of the secondary water supply industry, including product structure design, function design, intelligent secondary water supply technology, new process and processing mode, and introduces new products to further improve the company's core competitiveness. The main measures for the company to maintain continuous technological innovation are as follows:
      1) Pay attention to the development of the industry and pay attention to the technical exchange of the industry
      2) Continuously improve R & D innovation system
      3) Strengthen the construction of R & D team
      4) Increase R & D investment

      (3) Marketing advantage
      In terms of marketing management, the deputy general manager of marketing is responsible for unified management and function division, and the regional manager and sales manager are responsible for market development in the region to continuously promote market development; The marketing manager shall effectively integrate and manage the product price and supply channels; The service manager is responsible for the management and tracking of academic promotion, product use feedback and whole process service. The company has provided customers with full service before, during and after sales, won a good market reputation and established a high-quality corporate image.

      (4) Management advantage
      1) Efficient production management
      The production department of the company carefully analyzes the characteristics of each process of secondary water supply equipment, closely tracks the production progress and closely calculates the dynamic change trend of production time margin by reasonably designing the production process flow of products, so as to continuously create a higher level of output on the premise of constant staffing, increase of equipment, compression of maintenance time and quality assurance; Moreover, the production department of the company accurately calculates the production quota of each process, optimizes the process operation, carries out technical transformation, and accurately calculates the labor quota and reserve, so as to keep the labor productivity at a high state all the time.
      2) Effective cost control
      The company has established a relatively perfect raw material procurement system, made full use of the bargaining power formed by scale and brand advantages, screened major raw material suppliers in China for price comparison, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with major suppliers, effectively reducing the company's procurement cost; In terms of inventory management, the company reasonably allocates the delivery cycle and quantity of suppliers, and cooperates with the production department to reduce the inventory of raw materials.
      3) Perfect quality control
      The company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, formed a quality control process throughout the product production cycle, and continuously and effectively improved the product quality, service quality and management quality of the enterprise, so as to continuously meet customers' requirements for multi-level and high quality of quality and service.
      Since its establishment, the company has always attached great importance to product quality management and earnestly implemented national laws and regulations on product quality; Establish a quality management system in strict accordance with international ISO standards and make continuous improvement. The company's quality management system covers the whole process of product production. The company has a professional quality management team responsible for the overall quality control of products, including product design, incoming materials, production process and finished product delivery inspection control, monitoring product quality problem feedback and handling, etc. At the same time, the company has established a complete supplier management process to ensure that the selection of new suppliers and the evaluation management of qualified suppliers can meet the requirements of the company and customers, and control the product quality from the source.
      The quality assurance department of the company is fully responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the quality management of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the company, so as to realize the inspection and testing of the whole process.
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